Out on the street

Shoes - I Love Paris Shoe Store; Tights - Glassons

I love Cuba Street. It like a compact version of Haight Street, San Franscico, South Street, Philadelphia, or Brunswick Street, Melbourne. I’ve been to all, and all remind me of home.

I love its eclectic collection of cafes, restaurants, op-shops, boutiques, art galleries, book stores and music shops, the fish market and fruit stores, and especially the bohemian characters that trawl between them. It’s grimy and busy, a little sleazy and naughty, colourful and black, old juxtaposed with the new.

A constant source inspiration.

Out on the Street by Space Waltz (1974)


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. Sadly I've been to South street in recent years... boy has it changed. Banana republic... gap and McDonalds... so sad!
    But I know what you mean... it was full of all kinds of fun back in the day we were wreaking havoc on it!! xo