Shopping during a power outage

I received an invitation to a clothing sale at Dress for Success - the wonderful charity that gifts work-appropriate clothing to women on low incomes re-entering the workforce. They occasionally have an invite-only sale of the donated garments that aren’t really corporate enough - which usually means there’s some terrific vintage bargains to be found amongst the racks.

Because of the power cut, I only had enough cash on me to buy one garment - this gorgeous green 70’s raincoat. I’m going to shorten it about 20cm to just below the knee, and use the off-cuts to make fake cuffs for the sleeves (they’re ridiculously short - about 5cm above my wrist). And find 4 matching buttons. Hopefully, a weekend project.

Oh, the top underneath is another project that should be finished this weekend - patience, my darlings. More about this to come...

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