In the beginning...

Are you also of a certain age, still young at heart and would like to see what women of a similar generation are wearing? What they would like to wear and could possibly wear? (Lets face it, a lot of 'fashion" make us look either ridiculous or frumpy, or is way too expensive for those of us with mortgages, kids and lives!). This blog is for you - it's my hope to inspire.

Why do I feel qualified? Well, I'm passionate about fashion, photography and design. I've studied and worked in fashion for many years before trying my hand at costume, and was skilled and fortunate enough to work on several films made here in New Zealand. Through this I became interested in digital design, the field I now work in.

But there are other things I love - like photographing sunsets, landscapes and places I've been, life here in Wellington, my moped, food, coffee, and of course my lovely furkids.

Strathmore sunset, looking over Lyall Bay

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